Labels, Distributors and Aggregators

The CI platform connects your music to more digital services than any other.

Whether you are a record label, a distributor or an aggregator, the CI media platform has an opportunity for your business.

We constantly add new features and connections to the platform, giving your digital business a competitive advantage.

CI is always professional, prompt and on top of their game. We would recommend any label looking for a delivery agent to use them.

Daniel Shumate, Director of Label Relations & Business Development, Rhapsody

Rely on CI

  • We deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Our turnaround times are fast and dependable.
  • We have a 100% success rate of getting media and data to where it needs to go.
  • A special, super-fast delivery service is available for when your content needs to be there now.
  • Our network spans more than 250 mobile and online delivery points world wide. In English, this means scores of opportunities for you.
  • Your content is safe with us. We replicate and securely store your master assets.

Be empowered by CI

  • Easily manage your assets and pre-orders.
  • Have full control over your product and service pricing at a granular level.
  • Partner with other CI platform users through a safe, secure and accountable licensed export utility.
  • Be confident that we can receive and deliver audio, video and audio / video bundles, as well as XML data.
  • Integrate your content with music services such as iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, data services such as Gracenote and business services such as Bmat, knowing that every step of the way you have complete control of your content.

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